Guyana Accommodation,
The Rupununi

Caiman House


Caiman House is the hub of several participatory development projects including the introduction of classrooms and libraries in all 3 village schools, an internet-enabled public library, and a non-profit job creation scheme for the local villages, involving tuition in craft skills and furniture building.

Accommodation is in 4 simple but large and comfortable rooms with en suite bathrooms (cold water showers only). The rooms are situated around the large central building. There is solar-powered electricity, US-style power outlets in all the rooms and wireless internet access throughout the lodge.

There is a lovely open sitting room inside and an open deck. All furniture at the lodge is made by local craftspeople. Meals are served in the dining room and women from the local village prepare the food. Caiman House offers a truly indigenous village experience, giving guests an interesting insight into locals’ lives combined with a fascinating and unusual wildlife experience.

There is an ongoing study of the black caiman around the lodge. The black caiman is the largest member of the alligator family and an endangered species found only in the Amazon basin. The caiman are captured, weighed, measured, sexed and tagged before being released back into the river (capturing the caiman is more difficult during high water periods). Guests are invited to watch or participate in this activity if they wish.


Restaurant and communal area, private bathrooms, electricity and Wi-Fi.

Local Wildlife

Wildlife found along the river includes black and spectacled caiman, giant otter, Brazilian tapir, opossum, Guianan squirrel, red howler monkey and reptiles including Amazon and emerald tree boas, anacondas and green iguanas. Trails through the forest offer good birdwatching and a chance to see some of the smaller wildlife such as tree frogs and butterflies.

Optional Activities

Walking trails through the forest and boat trips along the river including participating with the capture and data collection of black caiman.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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Excellent accommodation and food. Overall a very enjoyable stay, much better than we had been led to believe so a lovely surprise!

Mr A S - Scottish Borders