Papua New Guinea Accommodation,
The Lowlands

Chambri Guest House


Chambri Guest House offers very basic accommodation in a remote Sepik village. Rooms are small and the mattresses provided have mosquito nets. There is a pit toilet located a short distance from the accommodation building and washing is usually undertaken in the river.  There is no electricity but a kerosine lantern provides light in the common room in the evening. It is recommended that you bring your own torch for personal use in the night.


The main guest house has a common area for dining and 3 x rooms. Pit toilet located a few metres from the accommodation building. Mattress with mosquito net provided. No shower or electricity but kerosine lantern will give you a light in the common room in the evening. For a large group, several houses nearby will be used to accommodate up to 15 people.

Optional Activities

Cultural tours along the Sepik River and its tributaries.

Bird watching

Crocodile Hunting at night time

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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An excellent trip which lived up to and exceeded our expectations. A good mix of different locations and an introduction to different cultures which gave us a great insight into life in a very different country from our own.

Mr T B - Glasgow