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Chaparri Eco Lodge


Chaparri Ecolodge is located in the 36,412-hectare Chaparri Private Conservation Area in the dry forests of northern Peru, about 45 miles from the city of Chiclayo.

Chaparri Conservation Area was established in 2000 by the local community of Santa Catalina de Chongoyape to protect their natural resources and provide a sustainable source of income.
The reserve supports 214 bird species, 21 mammals and 20 reptiles and amphibians with excellent wildlife viewing opportunities for spotting wild spectacled bears. The list of wildlife further includes sechuran fox, pampas cat, king vulture, 50 Tumbesian endemic bird species and, though harder to see, Andean condor, guanaco and very occasional sightings of puma.

Guests can explore a system of three main trails varying in length from 800 metres to five miles accompanied by a local guide; other trails are available for keen walkers. The trails pass through a variety of habitats providing excellent wildlife and birding opportunities.

The Spectacled Bear Rescue Centre is located close to the lodge and houses bears rescued from illegal captivity in large, semi-wild enclosures. The centre also receives other rescued animals which in the past have included ocelot, Andean condor, king vulture and military macaw.

Guests can also visit a herpetarium containing several species of snakes from the area, built to educate the local population about snakes and the importance of their conservation.


Open air dining room, communal area with hammocks for relaxing, and a natural swimming pool.

Local Wildlife

Chaparri is the best place in Peru to track wild spectacled bears and September is the best month for sightings. Sechuran foxes are regular visitors to the lodge at night, and Peruvian white-tailed deer, collared peccaries and Guayaquil squirrels are often seen on the trails. There is also a chance of pampas cat and northern tamandua, and the endemic ortoni boa constrictor is often seen too. Dozens of hummingbirds bathe in the stream most mornings, and king vultures and 50 Tumbesian endemic bird species can be spotted.

Optional Activities

Day treks along trails through the reserve, visits to the wildlife rehabilitation centre.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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Wonderful location, really friendly and helpful staff - highly recommend!

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