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Chole Mjini


The wonderful Chole Mjini is a long established, family owned lodge on peaceful, little visited Chole Island, just offshore from the larger Mafia Island. Run according to strict environmental guidelines and directly benefiting its local community, Chole Mjini offers stylish and unique accommodation set into the boughs of huge baobab trees. The lodge is very natural and there are composting toilets and showers heated by coconut oil, but no electricity or beach at the lodge.

There are seven highly individual rooms at the lodge, all but one being tree houses, expertly built on platforms by local craftsmen. All the rooms have private composting long drop toilets and showers. The rooms are simple and lack air-conditioning or fans but the open sides of the treehouses allow the natural sea breeze to keep the temperature comfortable. Storm lanterns and torches are provided for lighting.

The most popular activity is an outing in the traditional sailing boat to a remote sandbar for some superb snorkelling. Meals are taken around a communal dining table: buffet breakfast and lunch but set menu for dinner. The lodge is accessed via a 20-minute flight from Mafia Island, followed by a 45 minute drive to Utende Beach and finally a 15 minute boat trip to Chole. There is no jetty on the island so be prepared for a wet landing.

The enticing ethos of Chole Mjini is to allow you to escape modern life and enjoy the natural and unique accommodation, peaceful location and great diving and snorkelling.


Private bathrooms, (compost drop toilet), shower, restaurant and bar.

Local Wildlife

Spectacular corals, a diverse assortment of large and small reef fish including giant groupers and white-tipped reef sharks. Between October and March whale sharks visit the waters off Chole providing an unforgettable experience as you swim alongside the gentle giants. The island has a resident population of fruit bats which you can see roosting during the day and emerging at dusk.

Optional Activities

Scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming with whale sharks, turtle nesting, sandbar picnics, sailing, local village tours and island exploration.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

If you have any questions regarding our Tanzania tours, please feel free to contact me on +44 (0)1803 866965

Big thanks to Jonathan Morris for preparing an excellent trip – one of our favourite holidays to date. The guide at Sand River couldn’t do enough to ensure we saw and did everything of interest. The guides were very happy to do walking safaris, and we fit in a walk every day, as well as some boating and fishing trips.

Mrs AJ - Cheshire