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EcoCamp Patagonia is located in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, with a unique view of the majestic granite towers. The region’s first fully sustainable accommodation south of the Amazon and the first of its kind in the Patagonian wilderness, EcoCamp offers upscale camping in geodesic domes inspired by the region’s ancient nomadic inhabitants.


The 10 suite domes have comfortable double or twin beds, a modern low-emission wood stove and a private bathroom with a state of the art composting toilet. Guests can gaze at the stars through the ceiling windows while falling asleep each night, after enjoying a spectacular sunset from their private terrace. There are also 13 basic Standard Domes, with shared gender divided facilities. There is no heating or electricity in the standard domes but cameras etc can be charged in the Community Domes. Towels and fleece bedding are provided.

Walkways lead from the domes to a central core dome area which houses the dining room, main lounge and bar, gift shop, and outside terrace. Energy is provided by solar power and a micro-hydro turbine. There is no mobile phone signal at EcoCamp, nor WiFi. A laundry service is available on request.

Local Wildlife

There are 26 species of mammal in Torres del Paine National Park including guanaco, puma, south Andean deer, dwarf armadillo and Patagonian skunk. Bird species number 118 including Chilean flamingo, lesser rhea and Andean condor.

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