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Estancia El Condor


Built in 1912, authentic Estancia El Condor offers a unique insight into the area’s traditional way of life. It is one of the remotest places to stay in the Patagonian steppe and situated next to the beautiful Lago San Martin.

It takes about five hours to reach the estancia from El Calafate, but it is one of the most beautiful routes in the region and offers outstanding mountain vistas almost the entire way.

The remote location means that facilities are quite basic. There is electricity, heating for several hours each evening and no internet connection.

El Condor is primarily a 40,000 hectare working farm and the service is that of a homestay where you feel part of the family and can immerse yourself in the culture of this region.

The rooms are basic but comfortable and clean. There is a dining room with open fire where the meal of the day will be a delicious homemade Patagonian dish, and a well-stocked library with books on the natural history and culture of the region.

Surrounding the property is a mix of high mountain peaks, forests, canyons, lakes inhabited by a range of Patagonian wildlife, including many pairs of nesting Andean condor. Most of the activities involve horseback riding, trekking or hiking. Fly fishing can also be arranged.


Dining room with open fire and well-stocked library with books on the natural history and culture of the region.

In the evening the house is centrally heated and during the day it is warmed by open fireplaces. The electrical system is 200V produced by a generator at night (from 8pm to midnight). Hot water is available 24 hours, and a laundry service is also available.

Optional Activities

Horse riding, trekking, photography, condor watching and fishing.

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