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Explora Lodge Patagonia National Park


The newly formed Patagonia National Park was founded by Douglas and Kristine Tompkins. After a successful career in business, they decided to buy an area of land in Chile’s Patagonian wilderness to help protect and conserve the habitats and ecology found here.

The lodge is located in the remote Valle Chacabuco, and its surrounding countryside exudes absolute wildness. Rugged mountain peaks and ranges, sweeping glacial valleys dotted with pristine lakes, and raging rivers make up these lands.

As part of a self-sustainable project, the lodge has been constructed using stone from local quarries, reclaimed timber and even local copper used for the roofs.

A spa provides outdoor hot tub experiences with a view and massages also. The bedrooms and suites are delightfully cosy and charming, in keeping with its remote ‘country lodge’ feel. Additionally, the chance to unwind in the beautiful communal lounge areas, by an open fire, offers an enticing and perfect way to end a windswept, Patagonian day.


Facilities include a spa with three outdoor hot tubs complete with magnificent views, complemented by two massage treatment rooms. Its restaurant allows you to explore the territory through its cuisine, offering a lunch and dinner service, whilst its talented chefs prepare locally sourced produce from both across the region and their own kitchen garden. An Explorations Centre displays information, guidance and advice regarding Patagonia National Park.

Optional Activities

Excursions from the lodge include: hiking, overland van led tours (with short walks throughout the day), mountain biking (including beginner trails), self-guided routes and trails, combination days including various modes of travel, guided high mountain ascents.

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