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Named after British officer who set up the forest department in central India Forsyth’s is situated near the village of Sarangpur, opposite the Madai entrance to Satpura Tiger Reserve. It is a small stylish 12 cottage wildlife lodge set in 44 acres of wildlife filled jungle. Built in mud using sustainable and eco-sensitive technologies for waste recycling, inspired by local village design and material the lodge recycles all waste paper and harvests rain water.

The lodge is a rammed-earth structure while the cottages are built out of cob. Both are ecologically responsible ways of building that blend with local architecture and go a long way towards moderating temperatures through the variations of summer and winter. This is but one of several ways in which the Lodge treads softly on the landscape while offering every necessary comfort.

The main building holds spacious dining areas, a well-appointed library devoted to Indian wildlife, a lounge, several fireplaces and the Forsyth Bar. In the evenings ascend to the first floor, to the Forsyth Bar, and to the terraces, where a telescope might silently bid you to gaze upon the spectacular night-sky, where the day’s stories are exchanged and new plans made before everybody descends again for dinner.


There is a pleasant upstairs sitting area with fire pit offering good views of the park at night plus a swimming pool, library and dining room. As well as three delicious meals each day the lodge also offers unlimited tea and coffee plus complimentary laundry service.

Local Wildlife

Satpura park is home to a diverse ecosystem and, in addition, the Satpuras form one corridor of movement between the mountains of the Eastern Himalayas and the Western Ghats. It thus provides a habitat for migrant waterfowl, including Bar-headed Geese, the Pintail, the Garganey, the Pochard and the Ruddy Shelduck. Birds of prey such as the Black Eagle, the Rufous-bellied Eagle, the Shahin Falcon, Bonelli’s Eagle, and the Mountain Hawk Eagle have often been sighted. These are but a small sampling of a long list of more than 300 oft-spotted bird species.

Apart from the tiger and the leopard, the area is also home to Gaur - the Indian Bison, to the Sloth Bear, to several species of deer, the Chausingha or four-horned antelope, and the Nilgai antelope, the wild dog, the wolf, the hyena and the Rhesus Macaque. The Malabar Giant Squirrel and the Mouse Deer, unusual species for Central India, have also been spotted here. Among the smaller mammals reported are the Indian Civet, the Palm Civet, the Indian Porcupine, the Bengal Fox, the Black-naped Hare, the Jungle cat and the Rusty Spotted Cat.

Optional Activities

In addition to game drives, the hotel offers superb walking tours, boat safaris and elephant safaris within the national park.

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Area Specialist

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We enjoyed a very warm welcome on arrival from the manager and our guide. The room was spacious and bed was very comfortable. Hot water bottles were delivered to the rooms whilst we were at dinner which was a nice touch. The staff were extremely well trained and food was very good and varied. Their jeeps were comfortable and brilliant. All in all it was excellent!

Mr P M - Yorkshire