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Hotel Cabanas


Just over 4 miles from the town of Bonito, south of the Pantanal near the city of Campo Grande, Hotel Cabanas is situated on the banks of the crystal-clear Formoso River and its tributary, the Formosinho River. There are 10 en suite rooms equipped with air-conditioning, mini bar and TV and a further 3 en suite treehouse cabanas. Facilities include a restaurant/bar, and swimming pool.

There are interesting trails to explore from the hotel along which black striped capuchin monkeys, 2 species of macaw and capybaras are seen on a daily basis, and an exciting river trip on rubber tubes.
The infrastructure of the property is aimed at being as natural as possible with thatched roofs and wooden play areas for children.


Restaurant/bar and swimming pool.

Local Wildlife

Macaws, black-striped capuchin and black howler monkeys, coatis, grey brocket deer, crab-eating foxes and opossums can all be seen around the lodge. The nearby Rio do Prata river offers some of the finest freshwater snorkelling trips and viewing of river fish in the world. Large pacu and dourado can be seen and there is a chance of finding a tapir or anaconda on the journey downstream. Nearby, the Buraco das Araras (Hole of the Macaws) offers great viewing of nesting red and green macaws.

Optional Activities

Inflated inner tube rafting on the Formoso River, archery, canopy assault course. Day trips to do snorkelling along the Rio Prata River, visits to the Blue Lake grotto and Hole of the Macaws.

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Area Specialist

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3 jaguars!! on two separate days. On the first sightings, guide driver and self sat in the boat from 12.35 till 6am watching Geoff [the jaguar] and his sister Estelle. On the second, two days later, I was able to sit on the opposite bank with my tripod and got perfectly steady film.

Mrs D B - Dundee