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Hotel das Cataratas


Part of the luxury re-branded Belmond (formerly Orient Express) hotel chain, the Hotel das Cataratas is the only hotel located within the Brazilian section of the Iguacu National Park, and only a few hundred metres from the first set of cascades. The hotel has 176 rooms divided in to Superior forest view, Deluxe forest or garden view, and Deluxe falls view, in addition to 17 suites – Junior forest or garden view, Noble swimming pool or garden view, Tower falls view, Master Cataratas falls view, and Master forest view. The hotel also provides two restaurants, wildlife-filled gardens and a large swimming pool – the perfect place to relax.

In front of the hotel there is a footbridge with a panoramic view heading toward the lookout area, quite close to the Devil’s Throat, where the water flow is greatest. The Iguacu National Park preserves the last continuous area of tropical forest in Southern Brazil and is home to 348 bird and 45 mammal species, including the jaguar, the ocelot and the capybara.

The facilities and services at the Hotel das Cataratas are exemplary (though the food can be pricey) and the location unbeatable, offering guests the opportunity to explore the Brazilian side of the falls after the National Park has closed. Watch out for the inquisitive family troops of coatis marauding along the trail.


Swimming pool, children’s pool, 2 restaurants, bar, 24-hour room service, spa, gym, tennis court, sun terrace, deck overlooking the falls, shopping boutique and laundry service.

Local Wildlife

Complementing the spectacular falls, Iguacu National Park is home to 348 bird and 45 mammal species. South American coatis, brown capuchin monkeys, Brazilian cavies and Azara’s agoutis are frequently seen on the trails through the forest or feeding on the lawns of the hotel. Broad-snouted caiman and Argentine side-necked turtles can be seen basking on rocks and logs in the water and birds such as plush crested jays, toco toucans and various herons can be found around the trails.

Optional Activities

There is a choice of boat trips along the Iguacu River including an exhilarating (and wet) inflatable raft ride to the base of the powerful Devil’s throat drop. Helicopter rides over the falls, visits to the Argentine side and guided tours can also be arranged.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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Extremely well equipped and comfortable, even after soaking in a thunderstorm! Food options were outstanding. [Hotel das Cataratas] really is the perfect location for the falls.

Mrs J C - Musselburgh