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Hotel Pantanal Norte


Situated on the banks of the Cuiaba River at the end of the Transpantaneira Highway, Hotel Pantanal Norte (formerly the Porto Jofre Hotel) has 28 rooms with a maximum capacity of 100 guests. There is a large dining room, internet and games rooms with two pool tables, and a welcoming outdoor swimming pool.

The spacious en suite rooms are in blocks of two and are equipped with air-conditioning, TV (local channels only), a porch, seating area and ceiling fans. Some newer rooms have recently been added that overlook the river.

Hyacinth macaws and toco toucans frequent the trees around the hotel’s extensive gardens, and there is a picturesque lake with water hyacinths to the rear. The hotel is well placed for jaguar spotting trips along the Cuiaba River: indeed, jaguars have even been spotted just 10 minutes upstream from the hotel.


Swimming pool, dining room, internet room and games room with two pool tables.

Local Wildlife

The Cuiaba River and its tributaries offer the best jaguar viewing in the world, and families of enigmatic giant otters can also be seen most days on the waterways. There are a large number of capybara and yacare caiman here too, which attract the predators. The hotel gardens are a great place to see hyacinth macaws and toco toucans.

Optional Activities

Excursions on the Cuiaba River and its tributaries in search of jaguars, giant otters and other wildlife including giant anaconda.

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Pantanal Norte guide stunningly good. Apparently my boat was supposed to have three others but they had cancelled so I had my own private boat with guide and driver. Saw jaguars on 5 out of 6 boat rides over the three days as well as vast numbers of birds etc. The guide was very good at estimating where the jaguars would appear next by listening to the bird alarm calls and watching the rustling of grasses.