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Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve


At the heart of the Patagonian Andes in the south of Chile lies the Valdivian Ecoregion, 34 million hectares of temperate moist forest, one of seven left in the world. Biologically, it’s important for its high levels of endemism, so much so that in 2007 UNESCO declared it a Biosphere Reserve.

Within the 2,000,000 hectares of the Austral Andes Temperate Moist Forest Biosphere Reserve lies the 100,000-hectare private reserve of HUILO HUILO. Its eponymous, impressive waterfall, clear rivers and snow-capped mountains form a backdrop for exhilarating walks and bike rides, adventurous horse rides and discovering the unique flora and fauna of the southern forest. You might be lucky and catch a glimpse of Darwin’s frog, a highly unusual species in that the male carries the tadpoles in a special pouch in his abdomen until they hatch. When the time is right they are expelled from his mouth one or two at a time in an act akin to giving birth.

Nothofagus Lodge, the main hotel building, is a magical wooden Tolkein-esque edifice containing guest rooms and suites, swimming pools, spa, games room, children’s playroom, reception, restaurant, bar and lobby areas. Adjacent to Nothofagus is Reino Fungi, a newer, wooden, mushroom-shaped structure with more guest accommodation, joined to Nothofagus by a corridor. Nearby is Montana Magica Lodge, the original Huilo Huilo building, seemingly encased in stones and vegetation, with a small waterfall cascading down one side and containing cosy rooms and a restaurant/bar. Take a golf cart a few hundred metres down a raised wooden “road” from Nothofagus to Nawelpi Lodge, smaller, more intimate and with its own riverside setting and reserve.


Lawenko Spa, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, games room, children's playroom and WiFi in communal areas.

Local Wildlife

The reserve has 81 registered bird species including the Chucao Tapaculo, the endangered Darwin's frog can be found here, and a number of mammals including the southern pudu, Geoffroy's cat, and monito del monte.

Optional Activities

Numerous outdoor activities are offered including trekking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting, kayaking and ice trekking.

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We took ourselves on a couple of lovely walks through the forest and waterfall and enjoyed two trips with guides by jeep through the forest, one to the volcano and the other to a high wetland lagoon.

Mrs R F - Sudbury