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Jaguar Ecological Reserve


The Jaguar Ecological Reserve is a 1200-hectare federally registered natural heritage reserve (R.P.P.N. – Reserva Particular de Patrimonio Natural) in the heart of the northern Pantanal, about 3.5 hours by road from Cuiaba. The lodge has 15 en suite air-conditioned rooms and a separate lounge/dining area for relaxing. A generator and solar panels provide the property with electricity. The Reserve is owned by a local Pantaneiro family who are passionate about its conservation and determined to preserve it.

Profits from the lodge operation are reinvested to purchase more land for the Reserve with the intention of significantly expanding the conservation area. They also hope to fund a local school for Pantaneiro children. The lodge does not set out to provide luxury accommodation but the owner, Eduardo, is proud to offer a comfortable lodge in a remote yet accessible setting adjacent to the Transpantaneira highway.

A stay at the Reserve lodge can also be combined with a few nights at the Porto Jofre Hotel on the Cuiaba River to search for jaguars: it is also possible to make day trips to the Cuiaba River from the lodge.


Communal area incorporating a dining room, bar and small handicraft shop.

Local Wildlife

Conservation efforts at the Reserve have resulted in a healthy population of highly visible hyacinth macaws. Night drives and day hikes often reveal Brazilian tapir, ocelot, crab-eating fox, racoon and marsh deer. Excursions can be made to the Cuiaba River to look for jaguars and families of giant otters.

Optional Activities

Canoe excursions on the local river, guided trail walks and mammal spotlighting.

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Well, you did ‘what it said on the tin’ – we searched for Jaguars and found an Ocelot!! ….. oh yes and 12 sightings of Jaguar!!!

Mr MW - Bedfordshire