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Kipalo Hills


This charismatic lodge is based within the Mbulia Conservancy, which is surrounded by Tsavo West National Park. The 36,000 acres of Mbulia were formerly part of a community-owned ranch. The local community still benefit today however, with part of the income generated from each tourist’s visit going directly to the Secluded Africa Wildlife & Community Trust.

Tsavo is characterised by huge red rocky outcrops, vast steppes and scrubland. The Ngulia and Chyulu Hills rise in the north of the park. On a clear day, From these hills and other vantage points, you can be rewarded with dramatic views of Mount Kilimanjaro, dominating the horizon to the north west of the park, across the border in Tanzania.

Exceptional elephant encounters are possible here due to the close proximity of a waterhole right next to the camp. As well as family groups of elephant, buffalo and occasionally even leopard or wild dog make visits for a drink.

Accommodation options come in the form of safari-style tents, a luxury suite, or a private villa, all of which are spaced generously apart, enforcing that feel of seclusion.

The Mbulia Conservancy was initiated with the local community who wanted to develop a tourism initiative on their otherwise underutilized land.  An agreement was struck to lease the land to create a wildlife conservancy to protect the local wildlife whilst creating an income for the community.  Kipalo Hills now employs and trains people from the local villages to work in the lodge, as well as 12 game-scouts from the local community to patrol the conservancy. Their efforts continue to make a monumental difference as increasingly more wildlife, including the endangered African Wild Dog, are choosing to call the conservancy their home. Conservation fees from paying guests staying at Kipalo Hills go towards running the conservancy and protecting the wildlife, as well as towards social welfare projects for the Mbulia community.


Main communal building with dining/lounge areas and a bar, sun deck with swimming pool. The camp is powered entirely by solar power and Wi-Fi is only available in the main communal building.

There are six traditional safari tents, one suite and one private villa. Traditional safari tents have a double or twin bed set up, with en suite bathroom with a bucket shower, wash basin, toilet, private seating area.

Local Wildlife

Leopard, lion, cheetah, wild dog, spotted hyena, buffalo, black rhino, giraffe, elephant, Grevy's zebra, crocodile, wildebeest, hippo.

Dik-dik, lesser kudu, hirola, common eland, hartebeest, kudu, bushbuck, duiker, gazelle, genet, klipspringer, oryx, waterbuck.

Aardwolf, baboon, mongoose, nocturnal porcupine, warthog, hyrax.

Birds: over 500 species including ostrich, Taita falcon, Taita thrush, northern red-billed hornbill, southern ground hornbill, golden-breasted starling, Fischer's starling, grasshopper buzzard, Pringle's puffback, black-capped social weaver, Taveta golden weaver, black-headed lapwing, Friedmann's lark, singing bush lark, brown-breasted barbet, common whitethroat, quail plover, Tsavo sunbird, Somali bee-eater.

Optional Activities

Game drives in Mbulia Conservancy, as well as Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, full day safaris to Taita and Chyulu Hills, Nocturnal game drives within Mbulia Conservancy only, guided bushwalks, birdwatching, visit the ranger post, picnic breakfast and lunch in the bush.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

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