Panama Accommodation,
Bocas del Toro Region

Laguna Azul Eco Lodge


One of the best options out of Bocas Town, the very comfortable Laguna Azul Eco Lodge consists of a hardwood main building on stilts, with ground floor terrace, restaurant, bar, large suite by the lobby and seven first floor rooms of differing sizes. Each room comes with beach towels, water bottles, fruit basket, mini-bar, safe, toiletries and bathrobes.

Laguna Azul Eco Lodge is wonderful for relaxation but if you want to there are plenty of activities and locations to visit. On site you can use the gym, book a spa massage, snorkel directly from the resort or swim a few yards to a floating pontoon with sun loungers.


Restaurant, bar, reading room, TV area, gym, laundry service, private bathrooms, balconies, free Wi-Fi in main area, spa, pontoon deck and lawn.

Local Wildlife

Hard and soft corals, sponges, reef fish, dolphins, red poison dart frogs (different islands have their own varieties), sloths, mantled howler monkeys, bats and seabirds.

Optional Activities

Snorkelling right off your veranda or by boat to other better locations, scuba diving, sea and river boating, hiking, kayaking, bicycle rental, fishing and visiting Amerindian villages, Bocas main town and various other islands in the archipelago.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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For us this was a naturalist tour and covered everything, birds, insects, reptiles, mammals, plants and fungi…Panama is a wonderful country and we would recommend it to anyone with a love of nature.

Mrs S P - Kent