Accommodation, Western Madagascar

Le Camp Amoureux


Situated in Marofandilia village, an hour’s drive from the Avenue des Baobabs and 1.5 hours from Morondava, the camp is the most comfortable accommodation within reasonable proximity to Kirindy. The simple dome tents on covered, raised wooden platforms have outdoor en suite lavatory, basin and bucket shower. Unless one wants to stay within Kirindy itself to benefit from more potential wildlife experiences, this is the best option in the area. The camp has its own private reserve which, although rewarding, does not compare to Kirindy for wildlife, especially fossa.


Bar and dining room in a two-storey building; private nature reserve

Local Wildlife

In the private reserve one can see some wildlife, but not nearly as much as in Kirindy Reserve (see Kirindy section)

Optional Activities

Daytime and nocturnal wildlife walks in the small private reserve and nearby Kirindy National Park.

Alan Godwin

Area Specialist

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