Madagascar Accommodation,
Western Madagascar

Le Camp Amoureux


Situated in Marofandilia village, an hour’s drive from the Avenue des Baobabs and 1.5 hours from Morondava, the camp is the most comfortable accommodation within reasonable proximity to Kirindy. The simple dome tents on covered, raised wooden platforms have outdoor en suite lavatory, basin and bucket shower. Unless one wants to stay within Kirindy itself to benefit from more potential wildlife experiences, this is the best option in the area. The camp has its own private reserve which, although rewarding, does not compare to Kirindy for wildlife, especially fossa.

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Bar and dining room in a two-storey building; private nature reserve

Local Wildlife

In the private reserve one can see some wildlife, but not nearly as much as in Kirindy Reserve (see Kirindy section)

Optional Activities

Daytime and nocturnal wildlife walks in the small private reserve and nearby Kirindy National Park.

Alan Godwin

Area Specialist

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It was lovely to meet Helen face-to-face and to devise the ideal trip with her – her enthusiasm for Madagascar certainly confirmed us in our choice of destination. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, seemed genuinely interested in their work and in interacting with tourists. Invaluable in spotting wildlife and discussing uses of local medicinal plants. [Our escort guide] was a delightful companion on our journey in Madagascar and very solicitous of our welfare. We were thrilled by the wildlife. Without the keen insight and knowledge of our guides we would certainly have failed to spot the giraffe-necked weevil and stick insects. The night walks were very productive – several mouse lemurs. The first sight of indris was an especial thrill as was the sight of a sleeping mouse lemur in broad daylight. Perhaps the most rewarding experience occurred when the lemurs came to us – six ring-tailed lemurs in Isalo, sifakas on the balcony in Anjajavy, flocks of grey-headed lovebirds on the lawn at breakfast. An excellent tour which gave us a good insight into the wildlife and potential conservation issues in Madagascar. We had opportunities to visit local communities. We were most impressed by the efficiency in ensuring a trouble-free and very enjoyable time in Madagascar. Our tour leader and driver were delightful and very hard working. We shall certainly look forward to booking a further tour with you.

Mr & Mrs V - Ashprington, Devon