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Offering the opportunity for a completely unique safari experience, Leopard Trails bespoke tented safaris allow guests to become immersed within the wild and spectacular nature of Sri Lanka’s national parks. Operating in both Yala and Wilpattu there is usually a chance to incorporate this incredible wildlife experience into all itineraries.

The camps employ several highly experienced game rangers who act as naturalists and guides on safari drives and hosts within the camp. These guides all have an infectious love for the bush and are invaluable in providing the personal and unforgettable experience on offer at Leopard Trails. Guests usually have two safari drives each day, with the morning drive from 05:30 – 09:30, and the evening from 15:30 – 18:30, as these times maximise the chances of spotting fascinating wildlife as well as creating perfect opportunities to observe sunrises and sunsets over the stunning landscapes of the National parks. However, the company prides itself upon customer service and flexibility and can therefore alter safari times to suit your individual needs.

Guests are taken out upon the camps private jeeps, which have been designed to ensure comfort and practicality. They are equipped with plug points to charge cameras or phones, and cool boxes which will always be filed with delicious drinks and snacks to keep you satisfied whilst out in the parks.

Leopard Trails are extremely conscious of promoting responsible tourism, and as such they work hand in hand with local communities by buying in locally grown produce and employing staff from nearby villages.


The facilities available within the tents vary between the two camp locations. The Wilpattu camp is occasionally moved to different locations during the wet season, and is therefore built with less infrastructure. The tents here are basic but comfortable, and provide everything that guests may need during their stay. The Yala camp offer Classic mobile tents (the same as at Wilpattu), but there is also the option to stay in their luxury tents if desired. These are larger, have more extended bathroom facilities and are designed for guests who wish to maintain luxurious accommodation standards within the bush. Each camp has several relaxation areas, where guests can spend time during the day resting among nature.
Instead of designated restaurants, meals at the camps are arranged in varying stunning locations around the grounds, allowing total immersion into the wildlife of the national parks at all times. Service is impeccable and the food on offer focuses upon showcasing the varying delights of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Local Wildlife

Depending on the park visited, you might encounter leopard, elephant, wild boar, jackal, wild buffalo, water and land monitor lizards, barking deer, crocodile, sloth bear, grey langur, spotted deer, samba deer, fishing cat and many species of birds. Willpatu national park is popular for those wishing to find leopard and sloth bear, and is also heralded as one of the best parks to find barking deer. Yala National Park’s diverse vegetation – including scrub jungle, lakes and brackish lagoons – makes it perfect for finding diverse arrays of wildlife, whilst it is also said to have the highest density of leopards in the world.

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Area Specialist

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Loved our tent - it was wonderful! All staff at Leopard Trails made a big effort to give us excellent service during our stay.

Mr & Mrs O G - Exeter