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Limalimo Hotel


Limalimo Lodge is a beautiful sustainable lodge sat at just under 3,000m altitude and located inside the Simien Mountains National Park boundaries with breath-taking views over an escarpment. Influenced by its incredible natural surroundings, the lodge has been designed to offer a wonderful setting from which to explore the National Park and make the most of the views. Especially from the outside terrace where you can enjoy a drink from the bar whilst you admire the sun setting over the majestic Simien Mountain range. The staff and management create a relaxing atmosphere encouraging guests to truly enjoy and appreciate the area.

The rooms are beautifully minimalistic in design with lots of certified wood, bamboo and steel combined with traditional Ethiopian materials like clay and straw. With a low impact goal in mind, it allows the lodge to fit seamlessly into the environment in which it sits. Each room has a large picture window and spacious and comfortable bed with an attached private bathroom.

Limalimo are very passionate about being ecologically and socially responsible. A lot of the staff are from the Limalimo community, whilst the food at the restaurant is grown locally. They try to operate with as much minimal environmental impact as possible. Waste is managed in a responsible manner and the electricity is provided as much as possible through renewable sources and solar is used to supplement hot water heating. The restaurant offers some of the best Ethiopian food and the service is very attentive.

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This place has the understated luxury that is not determined by the number of facilities but by its unique location and atmosphere.

The rooms are like simple, individual cabins, with a spacious and comfortable bed with a magnificent window across the full length of the room. The bathroom has a nice hot water shower, a toilet and wash basin. There is no heating, and it gets cold at night so you will welcome the hot water bottle offered by the lodge and thick duvets.

In the late afternoons guests can move to the campfire or, to the fireplace inside the lodge. The restaurant offers delicious 3-course dinners produced using local and organic produce and supporting the farms of the local villagers.

Local Wildlife

The Simien Mountains National Parks offer some of the best montane wildlife experiences in Africa with habituated gelada baboons, rare Walia ibex, Ethiopian klipspringers, bushbuck, african golden jackals (wolves and small numbers of Ethiopian wolves and leopards. The birdlife includes many highland specailties such as thick-billed raven, Abyssinian catbird, Abyssinian longclaw, ankober and black-headed serin and birds of prey including tawny, steppe, Verreaux's and Wahlberg’s eagles, lammergeiers, augur buzzard and pallid harriers. The best time for bird watching in the Simien Mountains is between October and December.

Optional Activities

Numerous trek routes are ready to explore around the Simien Mountains with a guide. There is plenty to explore on the site itself too: large acacia trees with hammocks; inviting benches; troupes of Gelada monkeys passing through and much more. You could join an early morning yoga session led by an onsite Yoga teacher in one of the lodges quiet outdoor spaces.

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