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Manga Beach Hotel


Situated opposite the Antainambalana River on the edge of the town of Maroantsetra, and with views towards the beautiful rainforested island of Nosy Mangabe, the new Manga Beach Hotel offers one of the best locations and also some of the best accommodation in town.

The staff provide friendly hospitality and accommodation is in smart and well-presented but simple rooms. There are 13 standard rooms and 4 slightly larger rooms which can accommodate 3 people with 1 double and 1 single. All the rooms have air-conditioning, comfortable four poster beds with mosi nets and orthopaedic mattresses and anti-allergy bedding. Other room facilities include a minibar, safety deposit box, storage cupboard and a small balcony with views towards the river. Each room also has a separate bathroom with 24 hour hot water and electricity and there is free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

Downstairs is an excellent a la carte restaurant serving European, Malagasy and Chinese cuisine and next door is a snack bar with large terrace also owned by the hotel for light snacks, drinks and occassionally live music in the evenings.

Manga Beach offers comfortable accommodation for an overnight before or after exploring one of the wild parks or reserves in the area such as the Masoala National Park or Nosy Mangabe Special Reserve. The hotel is only around 8km from the airport, so roughly a 30 minute drive.

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Private bathrooms with 24-hour hot water and electricity. Minibar, safety deposit box, storage cupboard, balcony and Wi-Fi is available throughout.

Local Wildlife

The primary rainforests of the Masoala Peninsula, Nosy Mangabe and Farankaraina Forestry Reserve are all nearby and offer outstanding wildlife viewing with highlights including the red-ruffed lemur, aye aye, humpback whale, tenrecs, Parson's and brookesia chameleons, helmet vanga and scaly-ground roller to name a few.

Optional Activities

Wildlife watching excursions and hiking in the Masoala penisula, Farankaraina Reserve and on Nosy Mangabe Island. Other activities include humpback whale watching in the Bay of Antongil and tours of Maroantsetra.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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“It was a fab trip. Everything went very well in Madagascar. All the local guides were really good but special praise goes to [our guide] at Andasibe – so knowledgeable and interesting. He, like all the guides, showed a real love for the wildlife and environment. Excellent wildlife: highlights – fosas in daylight within 10 mins of the first rainforest walk, diademed sifakas, golden bamboo and ringtailed lemurs and giraffe necked weevil.

Ms J B - London