Manu Tented Camp

Located just across the Manu River from the largest and most beautiful of Manu’s lakes

Manu Tented Camp

Manu Tented Camp lies just across the Manu River from the largest and most beautiful of Manu’s lakes.

It features spacious double occupancy, spacious tents with hinged doors and wooden floors. Each tent is fully screened, with a floor raised on wooden stilts to provide maximum ventilation, coolness and protection from flooding and insects. Each of the extra-long twin beds has a mosquito net, and a palm thatch roof completes the structure.

Manu Tented Camp also features an elevated, screened dining room with a wooden floor and a separate complex of shared hot-water showers and flush toilets. This is the most basic accommodation in the Manu Reserve but is located in one of the most important wildlife hotspots where there are frequent sightings of primates, giant otters and even jaguars. Staying there provides a visitor with a very raw and memorable rainforest experience.


The tented camp is basic due to its remote location, but has private walk-in tents, shared camp toilets and hot water showers. All the beds have mosquito nets.

Local Wildlife

Explore Cocha Salvador (a cocha is an oxbow lake) where excursions by boat often involve sightings of giant otter, black caiman, various macaws and parrots, and sometimes tapir and jaguar. All of 13 monkey species are found in the surrounding forest and sightings of up to 9 of these species are common.

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Swimming Pool


John Melton
Area Specialist

Try to time a visit between May and October for the best weather and birdwatching. Birds are on territory from August and are easier to locate. This is the driest season and between July and September the chance of finding jaguars, tapirs and large caiman increases.

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Back from Peru, we would like to say how much we enjoyed the trip…The organisation was excellent and the agent looked after us very well.. thank you for the good organisation. What a great country. I plan to go again with my husband.

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