Republic of the Congo Accommodation,
North Congo

Mboko Camp


Mboko Camp is located inside Odzala-Kokoua National Park and is the largest of Congo Conservation Company’s three adventure camps. It is also the operational centre for the camps. There are 12 tented rooms built along the Likeni River, consisting of  10 double occupancy and two family cabins. Each room has a private deck with forest or river view, en suite bathroom with hot shower, flush toilet, mosquito net, fans, power points and in-room safe.

Activities are a combination of exploring the savanna, forest ‘islands’ and baies on foot, and river trips. River activities are either in a motorised aluminium boat, or kayaks. The activities often involve wading through streams and muddy baies.


Large dining, lounge and bar area with star deck and fire pit overlooking wide-open grasslands that are frequented by buffalo, elephants and abundant bird life. There is also a river deck by the Likeni River for post forest walk drinks. Laundry service is included at the Camp.

Local Wildlife

Forest elephant, spotted hyena, forest buffalo, western sitatunga, harnessed bushbuck, black and white colobus monkeys, grey cheeked mangabey and putty-nosed monkey. Bongo, red river hog, slender-snouted crocodile and Africa dwarf crocodile are also occasionally seen.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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