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The MSV Katharina is a beautifully elegant 38 metre wooden pinisi ship led by Captain Iwan and a 12 man crew. Originally built in 1995 in Kalimantin by the highly-skilled peoples of Borneo and Sulawesi, she is back to former glory following a full interior refit in 2014. With a maximum occupancy of just 12 adults, and plenty of living space including a salon and bar, two sun decks and an outdoor dining area, the Katharina offers a relaxing and intimate cruise experience.

Run by SeaTrek Sailing Adventures the MSV Katharina is used in a wide variety of cruises around Indonesia, with focuses including birding, the Spice Islands, Komodo Dragons, Whale Sharks, Birds of Paradise and more. Indonesia comprises around 18,000 islands stretching over 5,000 km, making it the perfect country to explore by ship, and the Katharina and is a lovely base from which to explore the delights that this country has to offer. Sea Trek offers an extensive schedule of cruises, and specialise in expert-led cruises where an on-board specialist helps to enhance your cruise experience by imparting their own wisdom to guests. Private charter options are also available.

Depending on the focus of the cruise and your intentions for your time on board, a typical day can include everything from visiting uninhabited island beaches, trekking through beautiful jungle, meeting local villagers, bird watching, or observing the underwater delights whilst snorkeling.


Two double cabins, two triple cabins (double with single upper bunk, preferably for children under 12), two twin cabins. All cabins have air conditioning, plenty of electrical and USB points, storage space and en-suite bathrooms. There is also a salon and bar, two sun decks and an outdoor dining area. The boat has modern communications and safety technology, as well as being equipped with tenders, kayaks, stand-up-paddle boards and snorkelling gear.

Optional Activities

The boat has snorkeling equipment, kayaks and stand up paddlebaords for guests to enjoy. Activities will vary depending on the theme of the cruise you are joining.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

If you have any questions regarding our Indonesia tours, please feel free to contact me on +44 (0)1803 866965

We are back and all I can say is what a fantastic tour! Thank you so much for organising, we have both fallen in love with Indonesia and cannot wait to go back to see other things. Sulawesi was fabulous –the diving was so good it was like being in an aquarium. The tarsiers were all that I expected but the black macaques were so much more!

The first evening walk to see the Tarsiers, on the way we saw two Cuscus hanging about in the trees. We saw a couple of Macaques but the main event was the Tarsiers. We saw six in one tree and they are more cute/ugly as their photos. I could have stayed there all night watching them.

The next day we travelled back to see the Macaques, we were a little late and thought we had missed them as a we got to a group of people who had been watching them the macaques turned away into the bush. We carried on walking to look for kingfishers when we found ourselves in the middle of a monkey gang fight. Rambo 1 and Rambo 2 troops had travelled onto each other’s territory and  all hell broke loose! They didn’t care that we were there they just rushed back and forth hollering at each other, it was so exciting watching it.

Once all the testosterone subsided Rambo 2 relaxed and groomed each other we just stood in the middle of them watching them for ages. One  climbed a tree to communicate with me by sticking his tongue out and showing me some very strange facial expressions – Stewart thought he was asking me to be his 3rd wife!  As we stood watching them relaxing, one came to play with my shoelaces and then another liked my trousers, then a brave one climb up me and started grooming my hair! He didn’t give up easily, sticking his fingers in my eyes and kept looking at me seeing how I was reacting– it was a fantastic experience all round.

All  that is left to say is thank you again for giving us the wide variety of what we can see in Indonesia, it has whetted our appetite to see more!  Now to plan for next year –we will be in touch soon!

Mrs VW - Blackheath