Madagascar Accommodation,
Northern Madagascar

Nature Lodge


A small, friendly and comfortable lodge situated just 15 minutes’ drive from Montagne d’Ambre National Park with lovely views down to the plains of Diego. Accommodation is in one of twelve simple wooden bungalows, each with a private bathroom. The garden with its pathways, tropical plants and sweet-smelling shrubs, are a delight too.


Facilities include an attractive restaurant furnished with rosewood and other local Malagasy woods offering authentic and refined cooking, including both French and local Malagasy cuisine, plus a bar and terrace for relaxing. There is also Wi-Fi available in the reception and the friendly staff are sure to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Local Wildlife

Look for the localised Montagne d’ Ambre fork-marked lemur, Montagne d’ Ambre mouse lemur and the only recently described Montagne d’ Ambre dwarf lemur alongside many species of endemic frogs, giant and mossy leaf-tailed geckos, snakes, stick insects and other wildlife

The reserve contains at least 11 species of chameleon, including one of the tiniest of them all the Brookesia tuberculate and the beautiful panther and elephant ears chameleons.

Optional Activities

Explore the Montagne D’ambre National Park. The park, an isolated mount of rainforest in an otherwise semi-arid landscape, contains many lemurs, as well as birds such as Madagascar crested ibis and pygmy kingfishers. Walk the trails in search of lemurs including the beautiful crowned lemur, Sanford’s brown lemur as well as many reptiles and birds such as Madagascar crested ibis and the local subspecies of forest rock thrush.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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Fantastic setting and views. Service outstanding and personalised. Food excellent. Room very comfortable. Loved it!

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