Mexico Accommodation,
Baja California

Nautilus Gallant Lady


A 116 ft yacht that accommodates a maximum of 12 guests in 6 large suites. The excellent Nautilus Gallant Lady combines the luxury of a yacht with a thoughtful design aimed towards divers and wildlife watchers. The yacht features a main lounge and dining room with wrap-around view, large water level platform, sky lounge, sun deck and even a crow’s nest. The vessel is modern and well equipped, With 1700 horsepower Caterpillar engines and hydraulic stabilizers.


Hot tub, purpose-built dive deck, wheelhouse (open 24hrs to guests), sky lounge, sun deck, six suites (five superior suites and one premium suite), main lounge and dining room.

Local Wildlife

Blue whale, orca, grey whale, humpback whale, sperm whale, pilot whale, Baird's beaked whale, Bryde's whale, common bottlenose dolphin.

Whale shark, manta ray, mobula ray, bull shark, blue shark, silky shark, scalloped hammerhead.

California sea lion, blue-footed booby, brown pelican, osprey.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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