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Ngaga Camp


The camp is located in the Ndzehi Forest outside the western boundary of Odzala-Kokoua National Park. It is perched above a forest clearing surrounded by dense marantaceae forest, Ngaga Camp has six guest cabins raised on three- to four-metre stilts with wraparound viewing walkways. All rooms are en suite with a hot shower and flush toilet, mosquito net, fans, in room safe, and power points.

The main activity at Ngaga is tracking western lowland gorillas, drawing on the expertise of primatologists Dr Magda Bermejo and German Illera, who have their research base here. Alongside their team of trackers they have studied these amazing primates for more than 17 years and the focus of each morning at Ngaga will be to locate and view the gorillas as much as possible, within limits.

Two groups have been habituated and can be viewed by guests. Neptuno and his group of 13 are generally quite relaxed in the presence of guests and researchers. The second habituated group numbers 23 individuals and is led by Jupiter who is very shy and does not show often, though there is usually plenty of noise and interesting dynamics to observe amongst the group’s adolescents.

There is also an extensive network of forest trails which can be explored where a variety of fauna can be seen including monkeys and up to seven species of hornbill. Night walks to see a myriad insects and search for potoos, palm civets, genets and galagos are possible for those that are interested.

Cultural visits to nearby Ombo visit can also be arranged.


Dining room, lounge and bar area on one raised deck overlooking the forest, and a star deck and fire pit located on a lower deck below the main area. Laundry service is included.

Local Wildlife

The main activity at Ngaga Camp is tracking western lowland gorillas.

Optional Activities

Forest hikes, night hikes and village visit.

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Area Specialist

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