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Paraa Safari Lodge


Located on the north bank of the River Nile, Paraa Safari Lodge is right at the entrance gate of the National Park without the drive required from other lodges. Established in 1954, this large lodge has 54 rooms (complete with balcony and en-suite private bathroom), large swimming pool, bar and restaurant.   

At 3,893 square kilometres in size, Murchison Falls is Uganda’s largest national park. The park is dominated by the Nile river which runs roughly east to west, dividing the park in twoThe Nile empties from Lake Victoria in the east (leading it to be called the Victoria Nile) and runs through Lake Kyonga and then a series of rapids through the eastern section of the park, culminating in the impressive Murchison FallsFrom here the river has a more gentle journey through the west of the park before emptying into Lake Albert where it forms a rich papyrus delta filled with many waterbirds including important nesting sites for shoebill storksOn leaving the park, the river continues its long journey to the Mediterranean changing its name to the White Nile before joining the Blue Nile at Khartoum in Sudan. 


There is a swimming pool, pool bar, explorer's bar, conference center, gift shop, restaurant and outdoor dining area. Each of the 54 rooms offer a Nile river view and are equipped with double beds, desks, balconies and ensuite bathrooms. Classic rooms only provide a ceiling fan, whilst deluxe and superior rooms also offer air conditioning.

Local Wildlife

The southern sections of the park are heavily forested and chimpanzees can be tracked at Budongo. The forest cover diminishes as you head north with the northern sector of the park being mostly savannah. Here you can enjoy excellent game drives to see large numbers of Rothschild's giraffe, elephants and buffalos. Specialities of the park include the Jackson’s hartebeest, the tiny oribi antelope and the Uganda kob – an antelope which forms large herds. Lion are seen quite regularly with leopards and spotted hyena being rarer sightings. Primates include olive baboons, blue and red-tailed monkeys, black-and-white colobus plus the rare savanna-dwelling patas monkey. As well as waterbirds (including shoebill storks, goliath heron and grey crowned cranes) there are many savannah species to be seen here including the Abyssinian ground hornbill, Senegal thick-knee and Northern Carmine Bee-eater.

Optional Activities

A wide variety of acitivities are on offer to enjoy the delights of the national park. Guests can partake in chimpanzee trekking, river safaris, safari drives, birding, nature walks, fishing and hot air balloon safaris.

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Very spacious room and lots of good, stable charge points. Lovely pool. Really friendly, attentive staff. The buffet food was great and a lovely view from the restaurant [Paraa Safari Lodge].

MRS NR - London