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Pouso Alegre Lodge


Located just 33 km down the Transpantaneira Highway, Pouso Alegre Lodge is a great stopover for those travelling further south or back up north along the Transpantaneira. It is set within an 11,000 hectare private reserve on a traditional Pantanal cattle ranch with a mixed landscape of seasonally flooded fields, native grasses, forests and waterways.

Excursions offered by the lodge include guided walks along trails in the grasslands and gallery forest, horse riding through the wetlands and canoes trips on the Bento Gomes and Claro Rivers.


There are 14 simply furnished en suite rooms with screened windows, ceiling fan and air-conditioning, a dining room serving tasty traditional Pantanal fare and an outside hammock area for relaxing.

Local Wildlife

Pouso Alegre Lodge is considered one of the best locations in the northern Pantanal to see giant anteaters, particularly along the lodge’s private 7 km long raised driveway. Other wildlife seen along this entrance road include red brocket deer, bare-faced curassows and even Brazilian tapir. Pouso Alegre’s property is also inhabited by marsh deer, Azara’s agouti, Brazilian cavy and a diversity of birdlife including macaws, toucans and three species of stork.

Optional Activities

Horseback rides around the wetlands, guided walking on various trails and wildlife boat trips along the river. There are also spotlight vehicle and boat tours at night for nocturnally active wildlife such as racoon and various owls.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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Very basic but perfectly adequate. The wildlife was excellent, and food very good too!

Mrs J B - Surrey