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Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort


Set near cliffs by a white sand beach in northern Sulawesi, Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort is a great, laid-back place in which to relax and get away from it all. There is great snorkelling and diving, a long beach and a forested hinterland, home of many macaques and birds. The nearest road is 15 minutes away.

The simple accommodation is in clean and comfortable wooden cottages that face the sea. There are two deluxe beachfront bungalows that have a western-style shower (with lukewarm water) and a large veranda. Four of the bungalows feature mandi (traditional basin filled with water to be used for showering) instead of a western shower but all feature a western-style lavatory. There are two other smaller bungalows with Indonesian squat loos.

The resort is run by staff from the local village and the restaurants serves delicious meals, often featuring fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables, and can cater well for vegetarians.


Traditional wooden bungalows with western toilets and Indonesian décor. The restaurant serves traditional Indonesian cuisine with plenty of fresh seafood.

Local Wildlife

Turtles hatching on the beach, Sulawesi black (or crested) macaques (found at Tangkoko), spectral tarsiers, red-knobbed hornbills, bear cuscus, squirrels and marine life.

Optional Activities

Explore Tangkoko National Park; snorkelling and diving on the nearby reef and at Bangka Island Marine Park; trek to volcanoes; hire bicycles or kayaks to explore independently.

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Area Specialist

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When I got to [Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort] I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the surroundings were and how fitting the bungalows seemed. Yes they were basic, but that was absolutely fine! I would have liked another night at this lodge!

Mrs S G