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Rock View Lodge


Rock View Lodge is located in part of the Pakaraima Mountain range, surrounded by savannah and rainforest-topped hills,.

It is a working ranch which offers comfortable accommodation, swimming pool and lush, wildlife-filled gardens. The lodge is nestled between the Amerindian villages of Annai and Rupertree and many good birding locations and indigenous Makushi communities can be easily visited from the lodge. Local children pass though the lodge grounds each morning on their way to school.

There are 8 rooms, all with private bathrooms, hot water showers and electricity outlets in each room. There is free satellite Wi-Fi available at the lodge and electricity in the rooms is supplied by generator between 8am and 10pm. All the rooms have running water sourced from an underground well.

The main ranch house has a good collection of artwork, a library and some music is usually playing. Three delicious buffet meals a day are provided under the shade of a mango tree or within the main ranch house. The meals are particularly well presented and use local ingredients to create the traditional dishes.


Restaurant, hammocks, swimming pool, electricity outlets, Wi-Fi internet, generator supplied power, TV and computer room, gift shop, bar, snack shop, vegetable garden and laundry service.

Local Wildlife

The surrounding habitats are home to over 300 species of bird. The savannah offers good chances to see burrowing owl, double-striped thick knee, nacunda nighthawk, south American snipe and collared plover. A small population of giant anteater is present in the area, occasionally seen at dawn or dusk on the savannah behind the lodge. The nearby Panorama Nature Trail leads up the hill on the edge of the village and offers good birdwatching with a chance to see striking black and yellow banded poison dart frogs and red howler monkeys.

Optional Activities

Birdwatching, mammal spotting, horse-riding, hikes across the savannah and boat trips along the nearby Rupununi River and its oxbow lakes. Annai village is just a short walk from the lodge and enables visitors to experience the way of life of the community.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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What makes Guyana additionally special is that it is the only English-speaking country in South America, and consequently you really warm to the people you meet, whether chatting with local cowboys, entertaining local school children or putting the world to rights with village elders.

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