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San Ignacio Lagoon Camp


Every winter, grey whales gather around San Ignacio Lagoon, halfway up the Baja California’s west coast, to give birth to and then nurse their calves into the spring. What is unique is the way in which these whales interact with the small tourist boats that head out to sea in search of them. The whales come up to the boats on their own accord and spend time right next to the vessel, looking passengers directly in the eye and even welcoming human touch. Some passengers recall the experience as a ‘life-changing’ one. This is sure to be a momentous and eternally-memorable interaction for anyone. The camp is a 1hr 50 minute flight from Cabo San Lucas to the private airstrip at San Ignacio Lagoon.


Internet connectivity, 24-hour electricity, hot and cold running water, fire pit, bar and lounge tent with a selection of alcoholic beverages available and fine dining options.

Choice of Glamping Tents or Luxury Tents. Luxury tents have more space and include a living space. Both Glamping and Luxury Tents have an en suite bathroom with a shower, a proper bed and fine linen.

Local Wildlife

Grey whale, humpback whale, orca (over twenty cetacean species in total), manta ray, mobula ray, California sea lion, whale shark, five marine turtle species, marlin, dorado, tuna, numerous shark, ray and tropical fish species.

Coyote, fox, raccoon, bobcat, puma, ringtail.

Numerous species of reptiles, including 18 species of rattlesnake.

Optional Activities

Whale watching, boat tours, fishing, snorkelling, diving, evening presentations by the naturalist, mountain biking.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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