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Satrana Lodge


Satrana lodge is a beautiful property conveniently situated within the Isalo National Park just off the Route Nationale 7 in the heart of Madagascar. With comfortable tented accommodation and lovely central areas, this lodge is perfect for exploring the Isalo area in high comfort.

Famed for its stunningly eroded, Jurassic sandstone runiforme scenery, strange plants, canyon-dwelling lemurs and pandanus, the Isalo massif rises majestically from the flat Horombe plateau. The park offers wonderful hiking through impressive gorges, canyons and forested areas of fire-resistant tapia on which the endemic Malagasy silk worm feeds (harvested for centuries to weave expensive burial shrouds). Natural oases and waterfalls are encountered for refreshing swims in stunning surroundings. Unique flora abounds, such as the ‘elephant’s foot’ or Pachypodium rosulatum , the Isalo aloe and the locally endemic feather palm.

The 40 rooms come in two categories: standard and deluxe bungalows. The standard rooms are of smaller area, and feature pool and mountain views, whilst deluxe bungalows are larger and offer views of both the pool and out over the Isalo Park. The on-site restaurant offers a whole host of delicious cuisine, featuring traditional Malagasy dishes as well as Chinese, Creole or European recipes. The fresh local ingredients served in an airy, open restaurant with lovely views over the park make meal times a memorable experience here.

During the day, there are a whole host of walking trails which guests can enjoy, experiencing the wonderful landscapes and nature of the park first hand. Alternatively, jeep tours are also available, or visit the mines of Ilakaka – known as the town of sapphires – and enjoy the exhibit of precious and semi-precious gemstones on show.


Rooms have double or twin beds, ensuite bathrooms with double basins, desk area, safe, full length mirror and veranda. The lodge also has a restaurant and bar, small library area and swimming pool

Local Wildlife

The animals found in Isalo are largely endemic due to the climate, vegetation and geomorphology of the park. 77 bird species are present, including the Robin of Benson (Pseudocosyphus bensoni) – a highly protected endemic species. Eight introduced and seven endemic lemur species can also be sighted. A large selection of reptiles, amphibians, and rodents are present.

Particularly notable endemic species include Boophis albilabris occidentalis (an endemic frog species); the boa of Dumeril (Acrantophis dumerili); the angogo or duck humpback (Sarkidiornis melanotos); the Madagascar crested ibis or ankohoala (Lophotibis cristata); the red frog (Scaphiophryne gottlebei) and the varika (Lemur catta).

Optional Activities

Exploring the Isalo Massif by foot or jeep, relaxing in the swimming pool, perusing the library.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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A wonderful trip which would have been very difficult to put together to a similar standard ourselves. Would definitely consider another R&R holiday! Un grand merci!

Mrs S L - Le Vesinet, France