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Singinawa Jungle Lodge


The wonderful lodge is located close to the lesser-used Mukki Gate of the Kanha National Park and within a 55-acre private forest reserve with good options for gentle wildlife watching within the reserve itself. The property was set up by Nanda Rana who is descended from Nepalese royalty and an expert on tigers and tiger conservation. He is also an excellent wildlife photographer and the lodge is adorned with a somewhat strange juxtaposition of his excellent photos of living tigers and old images of the great tiger hunts of his ancestors.

The 12 stone and slate air-conditioned cottages are well proportioned and set apart giving good privacy. There is a small swimming pool and good communal areas in the main building, including a large library and lounge plus a huge dining room. Meals are often served al fresco and are a mixture of cuisines from around India. Guests are welcome to learn about their preparation.


An outdoor pool, air conditioning in the rooms, a spa, restaurant, bar and lounge, room service, refrigerators and minibars in the rooms, luggage storage, dry cleaning and an ironing service.

Local Wildlife

Main Mammals: Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Leopard, Indian Wild Dog, Hard Ground Swamp Deer or Barasinga, Sloth Bear, Indian Bison or Gaur, Jungle Cat. Asian Palm Civet, Honey Badger, Indian Porcupine, Smooth Coated Otter, Greater False Vampire Bat, Indian Pangolin, Mouse Deer & Leopard Cat.

Main Birds: Red Jungle Fowl, Red Spurfowl, Crested Hawk Eagle, Greater Racket Tailed Drongo, Puff Throated Babbler, Indian Nuthatch, Scarlet Minivet, Mottled Wood Owl, Forest Eagle Owl, Streak Throated Woodpecker, Greater Painted Snipe, Siberian Rubythroat.

Rare Birds: Jerdon’s Baza, Brown Wood Owl, Yellow Legged Button Quail, Lesser Florican, Large Billed Reed Warbler, Blue Headed Rock Thrush, Rufous Bellied Eagle, Forest Wagtail, Himalayan or White Tailed Rubythroat and Siberian Rubythroat.

Butterflies: Common Rose, Crimson Rose, Common Jezebel, Orange Oakleaf, Blue Mormon, Four Spot Swordtail, Danaid Eggfly, Grey Count, Baronet, Commander, Common Map.

Optional Activities

Guests can also participate in guided nature walks – avian, mammalian, insect or botanically related; personalized visits to Tribal communities; Bicycle tours of the undulating beauty of the Buffer Zone villages, or imbibing aromatic plant & spice trails, which culminate in indulging in related culinary delights.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

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It was absolutely amazingly fabulous. Wonderful, wonderful sightings of The Ghost. We were so very very fortunate and privileged to have been able to see, not once but each day this amazing cat. Words really cannot describe the trip. I have wanted to do it for so long and not only did it come about but I had spectacular views of the premier Cat. I cannot thank you enough for making a dream come true.

Mrs J H