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SouthWild Pantanal


Formerly known as the Pantanal Wildlife Center, SouthWild Pantanal lodge is owned and operated by professional wildlife biologists. The lodge is found 2½ kilometres off the Transpantaneira Road, on the forested banks of the wildlife-rich Pixaim River. With simple, air-conditioned rooms and accessible riverine forest, SouthWild Pantanal offers comfortable accommodation for serious wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. A stay here includes daily excursions such as boat outings, often in a silent, electric river catamaran (excellent for tripods and long lens photography). A mobile canopy tower is often strategically placed at fruiting and flowering trees, and there is a 16-metre tower in the gallery forest overlooking the Pixaim River. Other possibilities include horse riding, cattle drives, guided trail walks and mammal spotlighting.

There are bird feeders outside the main building attracting a large diversity of species including toco toucan. Hyacinth macaws and jabiru storks are often found close to the lodge.

SouthWild Pantanal offers a good introduction to the northern Pantanal and the opportunity to observe and photograph a variety of wildlife in comfort. However, some visitors may prefer a more remote Pantanal experience which can be experienced by combining SouthWild Pantanal with its sister property, SouthWild Jaguar Flotel and Suites, or one of the remote lodges in the southern Pantanal.


Large communal area incorporating dining room, lounge with a large selection of natural history books, and bar. Swimming pool and air-conditioned rooms.

Local Wildlife

Giant otters are often seen on the boat tours, Brazilian tapirs are frequently seen on night drives and occasionally during the day, particularly in October when the trees are fruiting. Crab-eating fox, racoon and other mammals are possible on the night drives. Black howler monkey, black-striped capuchin monkey and a large variety of Pantanal birdlife can be seen during the boat tours and when walking the trails. There is a canopy tower giving an eye-level view of a jabiru stork nest, and both great and common potoo can be seen at their day roosts.

Optional Activities

Canoe excursions, guided trail walks, horse riding, cattle drives and mammal spotlighting.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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We had a west wing room, which was small but comfortable, clean and fresh looking. The main building room was good, looking out onto lawns with birds and capybaras. We also saw ocelots, and I was face to face with one! The manageress was very good, too.

Mrs J B - Surrey