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SouthWild Wolf Valley Camps


The SouthWild-owned camps were built in Piaui to provide reliable sightings and photographic opportunities of maned wolves, hyacinth and green winged macaws and tool-using bearded capuchin monkeys.

The camps are basic, being constructed as either simple block rooms or small walk-in safari tents. All the camps have en suite bathrooms with limited hot water (usually solar heated) and only Hyacinth Valley camp has electricity so bring torches and plenty of camera batteries.

There are three different camps set in a remote part of the Parnaiba Headwaters National Park in central Brazil’s cerrado habitat. The Hyacinth Valley Camp has 7 bungalows each with private bathrooms. From this camp it is possible to visit the hides and nearby forest to see spectacular flocks of hyacinth macaws and do some birding in the cerrado.

The second camp, Wolf Cliffs, also has accommodation in bungalows with private bathrooms. The highlight here is the nightly visits from wild but habituated maned wolves that search the vicinity of the camp for titbits during the night, evening and sometimes early morning.

The other camp, known as Nutcracker Monkey Camp, is set in a beautiful valley and features walk-in tents and shared bathrooms. The primary reason to visit this camp is for the famous tool-using bearded capuchin monkeys seen cracking open nuts with heavy rocks: fascinating behaviour unique to this particular population and featured in BBC TV’s Life series in late 2009.


Private bathrooms, limited electricity and hot water due to remote location.

Local Wildlife

Habituated maned wolves visit Wolf Cliffs Camp each night, flocks of hyacinth macaws and green winged macaws can be observed at close range from hides. Bearded capuchin monkeys frequently seen using stones to crack open palm nuts (as seen on the BBC). White-tufted ear marmosets and king vultures are also common sightings.

Optional Activities

Visit the hides overlooking the hyacinth macaw feeding site, excursions to the nests of other macaw species such a green winged macaw, maned wolf watching, treks to see the tool-using bearded capuchin monkeys. Walks into the forest for birding and other wildlife.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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Nice, comfortable rooms and good homemade food. Lourival was exceptional in his ability to find the wolves, and he and his wife made sure that everything was taken care of and always checked if there was something more they could do for me. They took such great care of me, and I had the luxury of being the only guest! Seeing the wolves was amazing, and the monkeys were also fascinating.

Ms B F - Norway