Borneo Accommodation,

Sukau Rainforest Lodge


Built on the banks of the mighty Kinabatangan River using strict sustainable development principles, the lodge provides an ideal base from which to explore the wildlife of the surrounding forest, often in electrically powered boats to limit disturbance and maximise sightings. The accommodation here underwent a complete refurbishment and the rooms are now more spacious with modern facilities and stylish décor.

The Kinabatangan area is particularly renowned for proboscis monkeys that arrive in large groups at the trees of the riverbanks during late afternoon. There is also a very good chance of seeing wild orang-utan, macaque, gibbon and silvered and maroon langur monkeys. Bird species include all eight hornbills, oriental darter and the spectacular buffy fish-owl.

Borneo pygmy elephants are found here in large herds and can occasionally be observed walking through the lodge. There is a pleasant jetty overlooking the river where meals are sometimes taken and wildlife such as kingfishers and the rare storms stork can be observed.

Behind the lodge is an impressive network of boardwalks providing covered, safe walking through the rainforest.


Private bathrooms with hot water, restaurant, air-conditioning, safety deposit box, small dipping pool, foot spa, pool table, mini library and sun deck.

Local Wildlife

Wild orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, long and pig-tailed macaques, silvered and maroon langurs, Bornean gibbons, Bornean pygmy elephants, civets, otters and bearded pigs are also occasionally seen. During the dry season when river levels are lower, the rare flat-headed cat can be seen more often on nocturnal boat trips and there is even a chance of spotting a clouded leopard. Reticulated python, mangrove snake and saltwater crocodiles can often be spotted. Eight species of hornbill, the rare storm’s stork, various kingfishers and Bornean ground cuckoos are some of the many avian highlights found there.

Optional Activities

Boat safaris along the Kinabatangan River and its tributaries. It is possible to arrange cultural excursions to the local village and visit the huge Gomantong caves where thousands of edible nest swiftlets and bats can be watched.

Jonathan Morris

Area Specialist

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Comfortable rooms, good food and lovely seating areas for relaxing. Saw lots of wildlife (including all of the Borneo Big Five) from seated positions on boats.

Mrs P R - Bristol