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Surama Eco-lodge


Surama Eco-Lodge is a rustic but comfortable property within the Makushi community village set in savannah bordered by beautiful virgin rainforest.

The Eco-Lodge and its activities are managed and operated solely by the Makushi people. Over 70 people in the community are employed either directly as hospitality staff, guides, cooks, artisans and driver or indirectly as farmers, hunters, fishermen, and construction and maintenance workers. Roughly 60% of the community’s income is now sustainably generated through tourism-related activities, and guests are treated as though they are staying in one of their homes.

There are 4 traditionally built benab buildings and 4 newer cabins that offer slightly more space. There are private bathrooms in each with cold-water showers, flush toilets and twin or triple beds.

Traditional home-cooked meals using locally grown and harvested ingredients are served in the main benab, where tea and coffee and filtered water are always available.

There is solar-powered electricity available in the central building for charging of batteries, but only a very limited internet service in the village office, which is a 40-minute walk from the lodge. A new option is the possibility to camp in hammocks in an open air wooden shelter next to the Buro Buro River while the guides prepare food and drink and demonstrate survival skills.


Rooms have private bathrooms with cold-water showers and flush toilets, dining room with electricity outlets, gift shop, bar and communal lounge area.

Local Wildlife

The Buro Buro River and the rainforest close to the lodge can produce sightings of black spider, red howler, weeping and brown capuchin monkeys and occasionally even tapirs. The area is fantastic for birdwatching with scarlet and red and green macaws, white-throated toucans, black-necked aracari and large birds of prey commonly seen. Many Guianan Shield endemics can be tracked down in the forest and a huge diversity of snakes, lizards and tree frogs can be seen in the area. Surama Mountain is another hotspot for primates, in particular black spider monkey, red howler and two species of capuchin.

Optional Activities

Excursions include boat trips along the Buro Buro River, treks across the savannah and forest to see wildlife, a pre-dawn trek to the top of Surama Mountain to see the sunrise and informative tours within the village including visits to the school and other points of interest. Another activity offered is a walk through the forest with demonstrations of local plant use.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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What makes Guyana additionally special is that it is the only English-speaking country in South America, and consequently you really warm to the people you meet, whether chatting with local cowboys, entertaining local school children or putting the world to rights with village elders.

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