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Northern Madagascar

Tampolo Lodge


Tampolo is a welcoming, Italian-run lodge with a beautiful setting on a white-sand beach on the remote Masoala peninsula, with primary rainforest right behind. The lodge has ten simple bungalows, two with shared toilet and shower facilities and eight with en suite facilities. There is electricity from 6am – 11pm and no hot water in the rooms, but staff can provide hot water in a bucket when required.

All the bungalows are equipped with mosquito nets and have comfortable twin or double beds. They are also ideally located on the beautiful beachfront providing excellent access to the sea for swimming and snorkelling. There is a superb coral community just offshore from the lodge.

The friendly staff, good food, relaxing setting and close proximity to the Marine Park and Masoala Forest National Park more than makes up for the basic accommodation.

The Masoala peninsula protects the last remaining extensive coastal lowland rainforest in Madagascar. Given World Heritage Site status in June 2007 and accessible only by boat, the reserve boasts staggering biodiversity and a wide variety of habitats: rainforest, littoral forest, marsh, flooded forest, mangrove and coral reefs.

Rainforest wildlife here can be a little more difficult to spot than in some more popular locations, and guided walks can be challenging due to steep and slippery trails (it’s the wettest place in Madagascar).


Restaurant, running water and electricity during key times.

Local Wildlife

Highlights include the red-ruffed lemur, white-fronted brown lemur, greater hedgehog tenrec, brown-tailed mongoose, day geckos, leaf tailed geckos, panther chameleons, the rare helmet vanga and the recently rediscovered Madagascar serpent eagle. From July to early September, humpback whales can be seen offshore in the Bay of Atongil.

Optional Activities

Hikes (both long and short can be arranged), guided wildlife spotting in Masoala National Park, snorkelling, boat trips and kayaking.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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Large variety of lemurs, indri and sifakas in different surroundings. Watching families leaping from tree to tree was enthralling. Chameleons, from a two day old hatchling to larger ones displaying their unusual movements was captivating. Beautiful and unusual birds in a variety of habitats. Watching a kingfisher wait, catch and then consume a large crab was a highlight.