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Thermal Hotel Ranomafana


The Hotel Thermal Ranomafana has been wonderfully restored to offer some of the most modern accommodation for the Ranomafana National Park. The hotel is located in Ranomafana village within walking distance of the famous public thermal swimming pool, a popular recreation and picnic venue for locals and visitors.

The Thermal hotel was originally built as a health spa and operated successfully for many years. In the early 21st century the buildings were remodelled, and it re-opened as a hotel. The large restaurant has a terrace for al fresco meals which are based on fresh, seasonal produce.

The 22 bedrooms are found in three blocks behind the main communal area of the hotel and all have a very modern feel to them with tiled floors, sliding glass doors that lead out on to a terrace or balcony and air-conditioning. The en-suite bathrooms come with full amenities and the hot water works 24 hours a day.

This hotel is about a 15-20-minute drive from the entrance to the Ranomafana National Park.


Rooms are equipped with an electronic safe, Samsung TV, minibar, air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom. A cosy bar and gourmet Restaurant are within the grounds. There is good Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel.

Local Wildlife

Ranomafana is an exceptionally rich high-altitude rainforest reserve where the very rare golden bamboo lemur and eleven other lemur species exist. These include the critically endangered greater bamboo lemur and beautiful Milne Edwards’s sifaka and red-bellied lemur.

Over 100 bird species have also been recorded in Ranomafana with specialities including the attractive pitta-like, short-legged and rufous-headed ground rollers, yellow-browed oxylabels, velvet and yellow-bellied sunbird asitys and brown emutail. Many of these species are very elusive and skulking though and are best seen on the high altitude Vohipara Trail. Over 120 endemic species of frogs have be found in Ranomafana and reptiles are also plentiful with the satanic leaf-tailed gecko and huge O'Shaughnessy's chameleon as highlights.

Optional Activities

Exploration of Ranomafana National Park on a variety of trails. Please be aware that the trails can be steep and tough but generally the going is moderate. The Vohipara trail is more gentle.

Village visits including swims in the famous Thermal Pool are also a highlight and a day trip to the Kianjavato Forest Reserve can also be arranged.

Claire Pote

Area Specialist

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Loved it all! 17 species of lemurs, loads of reptiles and endemic birds. Did masses of photography. Highlights included male giraffe necked weevil, witnessing an indri howling and Verreauxs sifakas jumping through the trees in gorgeous early morning light. [Our guide] was great as were local guides. Very happy with the itinerary. We wanted it to be a wildlife holiday as that is our primary interest, but found the landscape variety and tribal dimensions very rewarding too.

Mr & Mrs S - Chichester