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Villa Matilde


Located north of the typical Andalusian town of Andujar, the villa sits right on the edge of the wonderful Parque Natural Sierra de Andújar. Accommodation is in a converted rural mansion built in 1926 with some of the original interior still present. Rooms are fairly simple but atmospheric and feature ensuite bathrooms. Tasty homemade meals are offered in the dining room or out on the terrace featuring plenty of organic and home grown produce. Facilities include a swimming pool with views over the nearby forested hills and a homely lounge and terrace for relaxing and al fresco meals. Mercedes and Roland, the friendly and welcoming hosts speak fluent English and offer a wealth of knowledge on the local area.


Private bathrooms, al fresco dining, Wi-Fi and a swimming pool.

Local Wildlife

Iberian lynx are the highlight and the villa sits within the territory of a female, but nearby are many hotspots for sightings of this elusive cat. Red and fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon sheep, Spanish ibex, Iberian hare, European rabbit, Eurasian otter and genet are among the other regularly spotted mammals. Birdlife is exceptional too with the rare Spanish imperial eagle, golden eagle, booted eagle, griffon and cinerous vultures, goshawk, chough, hawfinch, subapline, Western bonelli's and Sardinian warblers, hoopoe, Iberian green woodpecker and much more. The park is also rich in reptile and amphibian life with colourful ocellated lizards and Iberian midwife toads found in the grounds.

Optional Activities

Wildlife watching tours, cultural and historical tours and nature walks.

John Melton

Area Specialist

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