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Weda Resort


Weda Resort is situated on the east coast of North Maluku Island.  Located roughly half way between Sulawesi and Raja Ampat, the island combines the diverse underwater life of the coral triangle with the incredible birdlife of Australasia including two species of Bird of Paradise (the Standardwing Bird of Paradise and the Paradise Crow).

This is an eco-resort with strong environmental principals.  Staff are employed from the local community and the buildings are built from off-cuts from sago production  The bungalows are open-sided to allow natural ventilation and come equipped with ceiling fans.  Mosquito nets are provided over the beds and mosquito coils are provided at night.  Each bungalow also has a covered veranda with seating area and hammocks.  En suite bathrooms come with plenty of hot water (solar heated) your stay includes all meals, complementary drinking water, tea&coffee plus free laundry service. The open-air restaurant and bar is located on a small hill overlooking the bungalows and serves tasty local dishes and well as a limited range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Diving opportunities are incredible, with a large variety of dive sites and many reefs only 5 kilometres from the shore. The general lack of strong currents makes the diving very relaxed, and ideal for beginners as well as experienced divers. The resort has three fibreglass dive boats which visit over 40 local dive sites, none of which are more than an hour away from shore. Two morning dives, an afternoon and a night dive are all available, as well as house reef dives during the day.


The bungalows are all equipped with ceiling fans and have en-suite bathrooms (excluding the Longhouse in which there is one shared bathroom) with Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and mosquito repellent. There is a free laundry service, and fresh towels are supplied in-room and on the dive boats each day. Wi-Fi is available in the restaurant area, although due to the location it is rather slow and unreliable. The resort also has a restaurant, three dive boats and several 4x4 vehicles for wildlife trips.

Local Wildlife

The Resort’s list of bird species which can be found on the premises is extensive. Examples include White Cockatoos, Eclectus Parrots, Redcheek Parrots, Dusky Scrubfowl, Hornbills, Paradise Crows, Goliath Coucals, Sombre Kingfishers, Halmahera Cuckoo Shrikes, Moluccan Cuckoo Shrikes, Blue Capped Fruit Doves, Halmahera Flycatchers and Rufous Bellied Trillers. Other species such as the Ivory Breasted Pitta, Invisible Rail and Wallace’s Standardwing Bird of Paradise are found near Weda, within the forest reserve of the Ecotourism Foundation.

Marine life is also extensive and varied, with each of the 40 sites offering an individual experience. Expect to see a large variety, inducing sharks, giant groupers, schooling fish, turtles, pygmy seahorses, Bobbit worms, barracuda, many corals and even the endemic Halmahera Walking Shark.

Optional Activities

Kayaking, diving, snorkelling, birding and nature trips.

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Area Specialist

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We had a fantastic trip and had some amazing wildlife encounters which we’ll always remember. We got to see everything we wanted and more.

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