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Found in the far southwest of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Ishasha is generally more forested, greener and less-visited than the park’s northern sectors. There are healthy numbers of elephant, buffalo, hippo and Uganda kob as well as black and white colobus monkeys and other primates. It is also an excellent location for birding with grey crowned cranes, nerina trogon and black bee-eaters being particular highlights. The most famous inhabitants are the tree climbing lions, the males of which have black manes. Although a certain amount of luck is needed, the lions are quite a common sight here, especially in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon when they climb low-hanging fig trees in search of a cooling breeze and perhaps an escape from bothersome tsetse flies. There is no off-road driving in the park, so some sightings can be quite distant.

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Ishasha Wilderness Camp

A small, delightful tented lodge situated by the Ntungwe River in a quiet area of the Southern Ishasha section of Queen Elizabeth National Park.


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