Nosy Komba

Madagascar, Northern Madagascar,

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba (Lemur Island) is a small rainforest-covered volcanic island located between mainland Madagascar at Ankify and the ‘big island’ of Nosy Be. It offers far more peace and solitude than Nosy Be, with quiet white-sand beaches and no roads. There are various hiking trails on the island where wild lemurs and other wildlife may be encountered, including a hike to the island’s peak at 622m for some lovely views.

Dolphins and whales (July-September) may be seen offshore, and various sites for snorkelling/diving can be accessed from Nosy Komba. There are traditional fishing villages on the island which may be visited by boat. A very popular day trip which brings tourists en masse from Nosy Be is to the village of Ampangorina with its lemur reserve and handicraft market with woodcarvings, embroidered tablecloths, colourful bags, lambas etc.

The black lemurs at the reserve are very habituated and the experience is not the best from a welfare point of view, but the revenue generated helps support the local people and thereby protects the forest and the lemurs of the island in general.

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