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Found near San Gerardo de Dota at 7000ft, just off the Cerro de la Muerte (Hill of Death) road, this lush, secret valley contains the resplendent quetzal and much more high altitude bird life besides. Ancient trees drip with mosses, orchids and bromeliads, and majestic tree ferns grow surprisingly tall – classic cloud forest habitat. Long walks can be enjoyed along forest trails to hidden waterfalls and beyond. Of the 400 hectares of the farm, 250 are excellently preserved primary cloud forest in which one has the best chance to see resplendent quetzals – perhaps the most beautiful bird in Central America. For those who require a quieter cloud forest experience, Savegre should be chosen over very popular Monteverde.

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Savegre Hotel Natural Reserve and Spa

Set at 7000ft near San Gerardo de Dota on the Cerro de la Muerte highway...