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Semliki Reserve


The forest at Semliki is one of the oldest in Africa, predating the last great ice-age. It is contiguous with the great Ituri Forest in Congo giving a central African feel to its plant and animal life, with many of its birds and mammals occurring nowhere else in Uganda. Avian highlights include the rare Sassi’s olive greenbul, forest ground thrush and all of nine hornbill species. Mammals include chimpanzee (some habituated groups can be tracked), two endemic species of flying squirrel, antelope, Ugandan kob: Semliki is also one of the last refuges of the elusive okapi, although few are seen. Patches of savannah provide interesting game drives and the waterways of the Semliki River and Lake Albert offer some of the best birdwatching in Uganda with excellent chances of spotting shoebill stork.

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Semliki Reserve

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Semliki Safari Lodge is a luxury lodge with a reputation for providing guests with a real Ugandan bush experience.


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