Soberania National Park

Panama, Canal Zone,

Soberania National Park

Lying on the eastern banks of the Panama Canal, Soberanía’s 293,000 rainforest acres contain 525 species of birds, 105 of mammals including jaguar, tamandua and the cotton-topped tamarin monkey, 79 species of reptile, 55 amphibians and 59 endemic plant species. Within is the Pipeline Road, famous amongst birders and nature lovers for high wildlife diversity including rarities such as yellow-eared toucanet, slaty-winged foliage cleaner and crimson-bellied woodpecker: there have also been regular sightings of the national bird of Panama, the awesome harpy eagle.

The Rainforest Discovery Center is found by the Pipeline Road on the border of Soberania and boasts a 40m-high canopy observation tower, various walking trails and a Visitor Center with hummingbird feeders.

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