Region: Buenos Aires and La Pampa

Buenos Aires

Called the “Paris of South America” and birthplace of the sensuous tango, cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, has been a melting pot of indigenous tribes and Italian, Spanish, British, French, German, Central European, Jewish, Arabian, Greek, Japanese and, more recently, Chinese and Korean immigrants. This melange is reflected in the architecture and diversity of the city’s neighbourhoods … Continued

La Pampa

To the south and west of Buenos Aires lie the flat, fertile lands of the pampa, home of the gaucho – local cowboy and true symbol of the independent, lonely, free spirit of the mestizo population – and source of Argentina’s former wealth. Many of the grand estancias can still be visited to learn about … Continued

The Tigre Delta

About 20 miles north west of Buenos Aires lies the town of Tigre and its eponymous delta on the Parana River. The numerous waterways, inlets and backwaters form small islands, many of which are kept as holiday retreats. The delta can be explored by boat or kayak, and some of the small islands also have … Continued

Loi Suites Recoleta

Well-located in the Recoleta district, just minutes from cafes, restaurants, parks and museums

Alvear Palace

An outstanding level of luxury and service in the salubrious Recoleta neighbourhood

Legado Mitico

An intimate 11-room hotel located on a leafy street in the trendy Palermo district of Buenos Aires