Region: Chile Pacific Islands

Juan Fernandez Archipelago

The volcanic archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean 400 miles west of Valparaiso. It is named after Juan Fernandez, the first European to visit in 1574, and two of the islands – Alexander Selkirk and Robinson Crusoe – are named after the real life shipwrecked Scottish sailor and his fictional alter ego created by … Continued

Explora Lodge Rapa Nui

Probably the finest accommodation to be found on the island, this lodge is well situated to base yourself while on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Easter Island

This small triangle of volcanic rock, just 7.5 miles at its widest point, is considered by many to be the world’s most remote inhabited island. Known as Rapa Nui to its native Polynesian inhabitants it is 2,236 miles west from the nearest point on the American continent – the coast of Chile – and the … Continued

Hotel O’Tai

Comfortable 3* hotel occupying a central location in Hanga Roa with beautiful tropical gardens