Region: Southern India

Marari Beach Resort

A relaxing beachfront resort designed to mimic the traditional lifestyle of Indian seaside villages.


The meeting point of north and south, the state contains many attractions, including the World Heritage Site of Hampi, and two excellent reserves. The best known of these is Nagarhole National Park, considered the best wildlife reserve in south India.

Eravikulam National Park

Set up in 1978 to protect the endangered Nilgiri tahr (an endangered mountain goat), it is close to Kerala’s only hill station, Munnar, at 2700 mts above sea level. The park has stark yet stunning scenery of rocky outcrops and grasslands with shola forest.

Anamalai National Park

In the beautiful forests of this hilly reserve can be found the rare Nilgiri tahr, a critically endangered mountain goat, as well as a host of other mammal and bird species including great pied hornbill, Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macaque, pangolin and barking deer.

Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Best visited between August and April, this unique and little-known reserve near the World Hertage Site ruins of Hampi is a haven for around 120 sloth bears, its main draw, plus leopard, hyena, jackal, wild boar, porcupine, pangolin and star tortoise, and around 90 bird species.

Brunton Boatyard

A beautiful boutique hotel on the site of the Victorian boatyard of Geo Brunton and Sons.

Kabini River Lodge

One of the world’s top wildlife resorts, nestled within the southern fringes of the Nagarhole National Park

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Contiguous with Nagarhole, from which it is separated by Bandipur National Park, the sanctuary protects birds such as Malabar trogon, crested serpent eagle and grey hornbill, and mammals like sloth bear, hyena, wild dog and bonnet macaque.

Windermere Estate

A delightful hill station retreat, set at 1,600 metres amidst mountain scenery and tea plantations

Nagarhole National Park

A real gem, Nagarhole is a 247 square-mile park of dry deciduous forest, grassy swamp and riverine habitat supporting an astonishing array of wildlife, including 250 bird species, tiger, leopard, elephant, wild dog (dhole) and gaur. It is among the best of India’s wildlife reserves and the most important one in southern India.

Lakshadweep Islands

Of the 36 main coral islands of the beautiful Lakshadweep archipelago, a northern extension of the Maldives lying 250 miles off the Kerala coast formerly known as the Laccadives, only one (Bangaram) has a resort of an international standard. The diving and snorkelling are superb and the beaches and lagoons are exquisite. Access is by … Continued


The southernmost western state, its capital is Cochin (Kochi) with its famous Jew Town and ancient synagogue, colonial houses, Chinese fishing nets and Dutch museum. Many opt for a night or two aboard a converted rice barge houseboat (kettuvallam) to cruise the many serene waterways and canals, and to spend time by the coast and … Continued

Tamil Nadu

Once known as the Coromandel coast, the state boasts remarkable temples, cool colonial hill stations such as Ooty, rich traditions of music and dance and some highly interesting nature reserves.

Royal Orchid Metropole

Located in the heart of Mysore, and recognized as one of the best hotels in this area.

Spice Routes Premium Houseboat

Beautifully furnished and converted traditional vessels operating as luxury cruise boats in the Kerala backwaters

Taj Savoy Hotel

A charming colonial-style hotel, set high upon a hill in the Nilgiri mountain range

Shenbaga Vilaasam

Experience rural India from the comfortable base of a 20th century farmland palace.

Bangaram Island Resort

Located on its own idyllic coral island. The only resort of international standard in the Lakshadweep Islands

Periyar National Park

Designated a tiger reserve in 1978 and very popular with locals, Periyar National Park consists of a large man-made lake on which visitors take boat rides surrounded by marsh and wooded hills. While the reserve protects many species, significant wildlife sightings other than elephant and gaur are uncommon and the beautiful setting is the main … Continued

Hotel 37th Crescent

a comfortable, modern hotel well located in central Bangalore