Region: Príncipe Island

Roca Belo Monte

A historic colonial plantation house which has undergone extensive restoration resulting in the thoroughly charming boutique hotel we see today.

Praia Grande

The long, sandy beach is one of the two main sites for turtles on Principe. Three species of marine turtle – green, leatherback and hawksbill – visit the beach to lay their eggs, protected by the exemplary local conservation project whose rustic beach headquarters contains a small but enlightening museum. If in season, you might … Continued

Bom Bom Island Resort

The original international hotel on Principe over 30 years ago, soon to be fully refurbished and even better than before.

Principe Island

The smaller island by far, Principe is nevertheless beautifully formed. The rainforest is denser than São Tomé, the beaches more isolated, everything more virgin and purer still, the island magic even stronger – as is the degree of isolation from the world. About a century ago (in 1919) a British astronomer, Sir Arthur Eddington, proved … Continued

Obo National Park

The only national park in the country, Obô has sections on both São Tomé and Príncipe islands and covers nearly 30% of the islands’ total area. The park’s 300 square kilometres consist mainly of lush primary rainforests, mangroves, swamps and savannah grasslands. In 1988 scientists classified the forests found in STP as the second most … Continued

Banana Beach

There are many beaches to be found in both the islands but Banana Beach is one of the most perfect. The beach is a short distance from Roça Belo Monte, a converted plantation house hotel on Principe, and notable as having been the location for a famous 1991 Bacardi rum TV advertisement showing beautiful young … Continued

Hotel Sundy Praia

By far the best hotel in the country, with fine dining and fabulous accommodation.

Hotel Roca Sundy

Built in 1921, the colonial plantation house of Roca Sundy has been converted into one of the country’s best loved hotels.