Region: Outer Islands

Snorkelling with Sailfish? Really?

Where on Earth can you possibly snorkel with a sailfish? Reef & Rainforest has pioneered some extra-special wildlife encounters over our 30 years of operation, from jaguar watching in the Pantanal, through puma tracking in Chile to whale snorkelling off the east coast of Sri Lanka. Now we can offer another marine first: snorkelling with … Continued


One of the best of the Outer Islands for visitors


One thousand kilometres from Mahe, remote Cosmoledo atoll is part of the Aldabra Group, the furthest west of the Seychelles’ Outer Islands and closer to Madagascar than Mahe. Consisting of 21 islands surrounding a large lagoon, Cosmoledo is visited by large numbers of nesting green turtles and hawksbills. The reefs and waters around the atoll … Continued

M/V Maya’s Dugong

Boasts the space and comfort of a modern yacht, combined with the durability and functionality required for scientific and long-distance expeditions

Le Jacques-Cartier

A state-of-the-art ship exploring the whole of the beautiful Seychelles, from the Inner Islands to the Outer Islands, including the legendary Aldabra Atoll with its large population of giant tortoises.


Almost the furthest west of the Seychelles’ Outer Islands, Astove is one of three atolls in the Aldabra Group, along with Cormoledo and Aldabra itself. The atoll consists of the islands of Astove and Charlotte surrounding a large, shallow inner lagoon, a mecca for serious fly fishermen. The islands host a large number of giant … Continued

Cosmoledo Eco Camp

The Seychelles’ furthest flung atoll on which you can stay, splendidly isolated in a pristine marine environment

Alphonse Island Lodge

Providing sublime comfort and a wide range of activities in an enviable atoll setting


The near-mythical World Heritage Site of Aldabra is the largest raised coral atoll on the planet, covering around 50 square miles. Although extremely remote from Mahe, Aldabra accounts for one third of the Seychelles’ landmass but is uninhabited apart from the warden and staff of the research station. Aldabra contains the largest number of giant … Continued


A little over half an hour’s flight from Mahe and just six km long and one km wide, Desroches has acres of shady coconut palms and native vegetation fringed by 14 km of white sand beaches lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters and sheltered by the encircling reef. The island, the pearl of the remote … Continued

Astove Coral House

The atoll’s sheer reef wall provides the best snorkelling in the Seychelles